community support

We provide access to the publicly available dojofaces software and source code at no cost. The software will be enhanced at regular intervals.

For questions or suggestions please use the mailing list, please subscribe before posting.

If you identify bugs please notify us via the sourceforge bug tracker. For feature requests please  use the sourceforge feature tracker.

Are you happy with the software and the free consulting?

Please support dojofaces by donations or join our community developer/tester team. See for ideas how to contribute.

starter package

You want to rampup your project? Reduce your initial cost! We provide a special starter package with a combined training and development setup. Enable your developers within one week. The package includes 3 days project-specific training for JSF and the usage of dojofaces components. Together we develop a prototype for your project.

Please contact us for details:


In compliance with your needs, we will provide special trainings for

  • jump in dojofaces
  • JSF 1.1 to 2.0
  • other Java related topics on demand

Learn to integrate functional business requirements with innovative rich user interfaces. Our Java experts are hands-on and actively support the JSF community.

Costs: request an offer

development outsourcing

Outsource the development of your complete application. Provide your business requirements and we will help specifying the technical platform and set up a cheap and competent developer team together with our partners to implement your application.

Costs: request an offer

enabling 有効にする befähigen permettant 使 permettendo support サポートする unterstützen soutenir 支持 assistenza project success プロジェクトの成功 Projekterfolg 项目的成功 il successo del progetto ease of use 使いやすさを Benutzerfreundlichkeit 易用性 facilità d'uso implement 実装 implementieren mettre en œuvre 实施 attuare expertise 専門知識 Fachkenntnis expertise 专业知识 competenze qualify 資格 qualifizieren admissible 资格 qualificarsi standard 標準 standard Standard 标准 standard easy 簡単な einfach simple 容易的 facile off the shelf 既製品で serienmäßig au large du plateau 现成的 dallo scaffale make possible を可能にする ermöglichen rendre possible 成为可能 rendere possibile efficiency 効率性 Effizienz l'efficacité 效率 l'efficienza simplify 簡素化 vereinfachen simplifier 简化 semplificare success 成功 Erfolg succès 成功 successo time to market 市場投入までの時間 Marktreife 上市时间 practical 実用的な praktisch pratique 实际 pratiche