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DojoFaces 1.1_01 released

In 1.1_00 the dataGrid was unfunctional in IE7 (all other browsers ok though), so we are quickly releasing a fix. The release also contains onkeyup events for dojo:dateTextBox, dojo:timeTextBox, dojo:currencyTextBox and dojo:numberTextBox.

DojoFaces 1.1 released

The DojoFaces tags saw some changes, so we decided to make this DojoFaces release 1.1_00. Check the new release and the updated documentation. The examples have been updated too. Here's the change list from the release notes for your convenience:

  • added dojo:dropDownSelect
  • added dojo:textBox
  • added dojo:timeTextBox
  • added dojo:numberTextBox
  • added dojo:currencyTextBox
  • added rendered and disabled attribute to dojo:dateTextBox
  • removed SetContentTypeListener from faces-config.xml, added instructions to documentation
  • added surrounding panelGroup to dojo:titlePane, dojo:tabContainer and dojo:form to support rendered attribute
  • added attr attribute to all tags to support attribute pass through to the dojo widget
  • removed automatic type: 'submit' from dojo:button, supply attr="type: 'submit'" when upgrading
  • removed style, class and required attributes from all tags - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed clientSort, singleClickEdit, rowSelector, autoHeight, style, errorMessage, selectable, headerMenu, loadingMessage, selectionMode and columnReordering attributes from dojo:dataGrid - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed promptMessage, invalidMessage, class, style and required attributes from dojo:dateTextBox - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed class and style attributes from dojo:filteringSelect- can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed class and style attributes from dojo:form - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed tabStrip, tabPosition, class, style and nested attributes from dojo:tabContainer - can be set through attr="" if needed
  • removed title, class and style attributes from dojo:titlePane - can be set through attr="" if needed
dojoFacelets go DojoFaces

We did a APT (abandoned project takeover) of the Sourceforge project DojoFaces. Now we rename dojoFacelets to DojoFaces and we are releasing 1.0_02 in the DojoFaces project.

You can download the 1.0_02 release from the new location. We've also updated the documentation: Bugs have been fixed and we've added new tags and attributes to the existing tags.

dojoFacelets released

The initial release of dojoFacelets is out, a new template based tag library with wrappers for dojo widgets. 7 widgets have been wrapped so far, 10 more are on their way. The first large product with a user base of approx. 10000 that uses dojoFacelets will go productive within june.

We want your help in getting this forward. Have you set up a test template for any dojo widget? Please send it to us (use the forum), we'll use it as a base for a tag or at least scan it for wrapping techniques we didn't know yet. Any help is appreciated, everybody is invited to join the development.

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