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DojoFaces 1.2_03 and JSFExamples 1.4 released

Here's another DojoFaces release with some fresh examples. We've got some new features for you: There's a super-flexible DnD solution (dojo:dnd) that lets you drag around full Java objects and there's a dojo:store you can attach any of the store based dojo tags to.

The examples have been extended to drag around the example cars and some images and to display charts, a grid, a tree and a treeGrid based on the new store.

Here's a link to DojoFaces 1.2_03 download here's one to JSFExamples 1.4. The documentation was updated as well.

Please have a look at the release notes, they contain update instructions. The dojo:dataGrid is now based on the new dojo:store, which causes minor usage changes. 

DojoFaces 1.2_02 and JSFExamples 1.3 released

Here's the latest DojoFaces release 1.2_02 along with updated examples 1.3. One of the Dojo demos (form) is available as a DojoFaces demo now, others are to follow.

Here's a link to DojoFaces 1.2_02 download here's one to JSFExamples 1.3 and we've also updated the documentation.

DojoFaces 1.2_01 released

Here's our latest bugfix release, all Dojo 1.4 compliant (see release notes). With a validation roundtrip you could trigger serveral bugs with the 1.2_00 DataGrid, that have been fixed. For the examples some cool news are on their way - we'll adapt some of the Dojo demos to DojoFaces ...

Here are the links for download and documentation.

JSFExamples20 rev. 1.2 released

We've added simple showcases for every tag in addition to the compound ajax examples. There is an online demo as well as a download available.

JSFExamples20 rev 1.1 released

When moving to the new portal the links  to the documentation hadn't been adjusted, so here's a new release with corrected links. The examples now run on Dojo 1.4 with a custom build and hell, it's faster!

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