Dojo provides cool cross browser javascript widgets that enable full featured GUI clients running on javascript in a browser. JSF developers who want to use dojo need to find a way to connect the dojo widgets with their backing beans. With Facelets we can build templates that connect dojo widgets with standard JSF tags. These templates are packaged as tags in a jar. Using templates with standard JSF tags we achieve portability from JSF 1.1 up to JSF 2.0. Furthermore you can easily take a template out of the jar, modify it and use it separately. DojoFaces is released under the Apache License to give you all legal right to do so.

All tags have full AJAX support. With dojo it's good practice to reduce roundtrips and use AJAX whereever possible to avoid time consuming page startups. Here's the link to our examples page to demonstrate the features.

Community support is available on dojofaces-users@lists.sourceforge.net, please subscribe before posting. For commercial support please specify your needs on support@dojofaces.com and we will send an offer. Commercial support includes fixed response times, training and project startup support in english or german language.

DojoFaces is NOT a JSF component library. Using component libraries can lead to problems with JSF upgrades, platform changes (like appserver change or portlet usage) or implementation bugs. DojoFaces provides implementation patterns to connect Dojo and JSF and wraps the more sophisticated ones in template tags. With this template based tag library approach you get well tested Dojo JavaScript together with highly stable standard JSF components to bring you cross JSF version, cross browser, cross Dojo version, cross AJAX library compatible patterns and tags.


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dojoFacelets released

The initial release of dojoFacelets is out, a new template based tag library with wrappers for dojo widgets. 7 widgets have been wrapped so far, 10 more are on their way. The first large product with a user base of approx. 10000 that uses dojoFacelets will go productive within june.

We want your help in getting this forward. Have you set up a test template for any dojo widget? Please send it to us (use the forum), we'll use it as a base for a tag or at least scan it for wrapping techniques we didn't know yet. Any help is appreciated, everybody is invited to join the development.


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