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Welcome to our community. Contact us through: and we will be happy to explain the ideas behind our library, the ways you can get involved and to answer all your further questions. We're very open to suggestions for a better Dojo JSF integration and encourage you to bring your suggestions forward. If you're a beginner you can get familiar with JSF, Facelets, the Dojo toolkit and Javascript in this project. Development is a lot of fun with these frameworks because the combination of Facelets and Dojo quickly leads to valueable results. Here's a list of ideas we'd like to add to our library:

  • dojo:fileUpload tag

    Design and implement a Facelets template tag that uses Dojo file upload to upload files and provide AJAX file upload support. Some examples exist on the net how to approach fpr file upload with JSF. Problems will need to be solved for AJAX support and Dojo integration.


  • CometD server push support

    This is directed to a DojoFaces tag (maybe dojo:push?) with a value binding where server side value changes are pushed into the browser. The design should take into account the limited available server connections as well as the JSF and Servlet API limitations.


  • Integrate Flex and/or dojox.av.FLVideo

    Support rich content and small films. Define how to pull the content from the server.


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Posted on 3/11/10 9:33 PM.

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Hi Jung,

I am new to dojofaces, my need is data grid lazy load on vertical scroll. Is any option available here. I know the same feature avail in dojo. But i would like to introudce in JSF components.

Thanks in Advance

Posted on 10/7/13 3:55 PM.

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